Are you ready to build a business that's not just profitable but also serves as a powerful platform for social, environmental and political change? 

The Retreat is a private 4-hour small group online experience built as a collaboration between Entrepreneurs Rising and the Neon Life Society, led by Sumi Krishnan and Siobhan Barnes. The retreat utilizes 3 core pillars, Feminine Leadership, Social Impact, and Sales & Branding to help you build your business into a beautiful, soul-aligned company.

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Feminine Leadership

Harness your soul gifts and feminine qualities of compassion, intuition, creativity and vision to build a soul aligned company around your unique magic.

Social Impact

Build your company to create meaningful change on the planet.

Sales & Branding

Build a signature "offer" that you become known for. Magnetize in your tribe of loyal followers. Do the work you care about with pinch-me-dreamy clients.

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Retreat Design Assets_Who is it for

The Retreat is for you if you’re ready to ditch the struggle, see results, make an impact and do it all with your soul sisters cheering you on.

While you secretly desire to unleash your "inner Oprah" you may:

  • Feel tired of the hustle but continue to dream about so much more
  • Have a thousand ideas but aren't seeing the progress you want in any direction
  • Catch yourself envying other successful entrepreneurs instead of feeling supportive

And we get it -- it's difficult! That's why most new businesses fail.

So -- it's time to do things differently. 

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“After working with Siobhan I’m now confident in my gifts and talents and have a clear road map to live out my purpose, making the planet a better place whilst doing my soul’s work. If you are thinking about working with Siobhan, I would say, don't think, just do it 🙂 I feel like I have just been given the keys to a place in my heart that was locked and dark. Now, that this door has been opened, I am finally seeing myself in the sunlight, in full colour.”

Lissa Sandler
Founder of Web Presence Academy

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Lisa Nichols

"Sumi has the heart, passion, conviction, and talent required to truly inspire and transform millions of women's lives. She is a gift to this planet, and I'm looking forward to serving beside her."

Lisa Nichols
Best Selling Author and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Motivating the Masses, Inc

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Kris miller 2

“In 2 hours, you were able to take the multitude of content and amazing ideas that I’ve had flying around in different pieces in my head -- and actually showed me something that I can grab ahold of RIGHT NOW to make money in the next 3 months!"

Kris Miller
Certified Financial Planner and Senior Wealth Advisor, Trusts Unlimited

Retreat Design Assets_The Retreat

An online experience to help you build a soul aligned company that not only turns a over healthy profit but also provides a powerful platform to create social, environmental and political change on the planet.

"Companies that practice 'conscious capitalism' perform 10x better" {than solely profit-driven companies}
- Harvard Business Review

What's unique about this experience is that it's not your normal "business coaching" workshop.

You'll integrate social impact into your work from the get-go. We help you create value for the world so you can feel good about spending your days serving and helping others.

As a result of the retreat, you will be able to:

  1. Unlock your brilliance into a business that's uniquely you
  2. Craft a signature $50K offer which will set you up for focused growth in the next 90-180 days
  3. Create a conscious company from the get go that will allow you to build your brand and thought leadership naturally
  4. Maximize the next 90 days during the Holidays while most are slowing down
  5. BE the woman you desire to be
Are you ready to create your own Beautiful, Soul-Aligned Company that is profitable and deeply meaningful?

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Before we meet, you’ll receive an in depth orientation and welcome packet designed to help us get to know you personally before we meet for our online retreat. The retreat is an intimate experience. Sumi and Siobhan want to get to know you as a person, what your business is about, what you desire, what your challenges are so that we can best serve you and where you’re at right now. 


“...This was 100% worth my time, money and energy. I received so much support, love and fresh ideas ...This was priceless. SO Much value."

Carin Rockind
The “Happiness Guru”

The Online Virtual Retreat Experience

Phase 1: Unleashing you inner Oprah (Feminine Leadership)

During this phase you will:

  • Tap into the inner CEO and the woman you desire to be
  • Move past specific doubts and fears
  • Embody your soul gifts so that you can lead with confidence


Phase 2: Decision-Making

During this phase you will:

  • Go through an unconventional process to nail down what you stand for and why you're in business
  • Get clear on decision-making so things become a "hell yes" or a "no"
  • Uncover what you want to get known for and who you most desire to serve so that you can start to build a tribe that's 100% behind you and your movement
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“What makes Sumi different than most business coaches is that she has actually experienced what it takes to build a successful, leveraged business AND she has walked her talk in terms of creating her own personal dreams and lifestyle goals. Sumi has taught me that more is possible than most of us imagine. I highly recommend having her wisdom and compassion in your corner if you want to take your life and business to the next level.”

Alison Cardy
CEO, Cardy Career Coaching

Phase 3: Craft Your Signature $50K Offering
  • Design your signature offer and structure this offer to add US$50K to your revenue in 2019
  • Reverse engineer the right team members you need to support your company's growth


Phase 4: Create A Conscious Company From The Get Go
  • Get aligned with taking a stand
  • Create a game plan to build social impact into your company from day one


Phase 5: Bringing It All Together: Building Your Beautiful Soul-Aligned Business
  • Craft your customized 90 day action plan to make your company vision come to life
  • Understand exactly what to do and when
  • Pick your priorities and streamline your focus on the real things that will move the needle in your business
  • Have a personal practice to tap into the Soul-Aligned Company owner that you are.
Retreat Design Assets_Bonuses
We try hard to over deliver and make this experience a no-brainer for you. So, along with the retreat experience we’re also including:
Bonus #1: Sales Conversation Framework (Value $250)

In this juicy bonus you'll get our framework for a beautiful sales conversation that comes from the heart and doesn't feel pushy or manipulative.

Bonus #2: Embodied Soul-Aligned Business Woman Visualization (Value $97)

Showing up as a company owner is about more than just what you do, it’s about having the vision, belief and conviction that you have what it takes to be a success. Use this visualization to tune into the Soul-Aligned Business Woman that you are so that you can take action from this place.

Bonus #3: Discover Your True Purpose Training (Value $197)

The retreat is a beautiful opportunity to hit the pause button and make sure you’re building the right company - for you. In order to build a beautiful soul aligned company you’ve got to work from your zone of genius and your heart. This training will guide you to make sure that you’re building the right company for your unique soul gifts and talents. Boosting your confidence that you’re really on the right path.

Bonus #4: Private Facebook Group 30 Days Post Retreat (Value $497)

Whilst the retreat itself will be life changing, we understand that you might run into stumbling blocks and need further support. This private Facebook Group will be where you continue to work in sisterhood among other soul-aligned business owners. 

Total Value: US$2,538

Your Investment: US$1,497

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What happens When I Sign Up?

Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive an email with your welcome packet and orientation package. You’ll receive a welcome email within 10 minutes but if for any reason it doesn’t get to you, just send us an email at  We’re here to help!


Got any questions?

email and we'd be happy to answer them.


 Full Disclosure.

 You may have done some of this work before but what you'll get here that's different is a practical strategy that includes YOU - your unique gifts, experience, desires and energy, not just "what works". 

Retreat Design Assets_Meet S and S
We’re passionate about supporting more conscious entrepreneurs to step up and lead because there’s never been a more important time than now to step up and create the change our planet needs.
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Siobhan Barnes

Siobhan Barnes started The Neon Life Society to support visionary women to step into their next level of leadership. Siobhan guides women to activate all of their unique strengths, trust their own intuition and confidently create meaningful careers and business that align to each woman's unique purpose and version of success. Siobhan is a big believer in tossing out the old fashioned rules of success and instead creating a path that marries both head and heart.  Prior to founding The Neon Life Society Siobhan worked at Goldman Sachs and Jones Lang LaSalle in commercial and corporate real estate. She is married with three young children and passionate about supporting the next generation of global conscious women leaders.

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Sumi Krishnan

As an entrepreneur, journalist, and passionate activist, Sumi Krishnan is best know for having grown K4 Solutions, Inc. into a 200-person firm providing health and disaster support to underserved areas and national security solutions to the federal government. She has also been a founding partner of a health & fitness startup, a digital marketing agency and has received an M.P.A. from the Harvard Kennedy School. Now, Sumi is working on building a global community of women leaders who are growing businesses and affecting the biggest social issues of our time.

Retreat Design Assets_FAQ-05

I have a new business idea, and haven’t launched yet, is this retreat for me?

Yes! It’s great you’re looking to do this foundation work before you launch. This retreat is designed to help you do a 360 degree review of what kind of company you want to build. Sumi and Siobhan will support you to make sure that you have the 3 core pillars in place for a beautiful soul aligned company. Including your "signature offering" outlined that you can focus on and market right away.

Will this retreat work for my products based business?

The retreat is mainly geared towards serviced based companies as we will be spending time on developing your "$50K offer". Having said that if you’re interested in the other pillars that we’re talking through i.e. feminine leadership, social impact, branding and sales then that part will still be relevant for you and your product based business. If you’d like to ask more detailed questions around your unique situation, you can email us at We’d be more than happy to answer your questions!

I’ve taken business classes before, what makes this one different?

Great question! We’ve crafted this retreat to be a value packed day where you can create the space to do a 360 degree review of your company and (re)build from the ground up. Whilst we’ll be talking about business building, offerings, sales etc, this program is geared around creating a business that honours your soul’s calling and is truly the work you’re meant to do and the impact you’re here to make. We found that other programs offer the business strategy but not this connection & alignment piece nor the focus on social impact. 

Do you accept payment plans?

Unfortunately we don’t accept payment plans at this time. If you would love to do the program but have a challenging time with your cashflow at the moment then send us an email and we can talk it out:

What if I can’t join the retreat live?

Time zones can be a challenge and we’ve picked a time that will suit the majority of participants. You will have access to the recording of the retreat within 3 working days of the retreat so you will get all of the content and be able to work through it at your own time.

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